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*proof of all testimonials and stories kept on file at our offices

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I have waited far too long to write to you. Just saying thank you can never be enough for all you have done for all of us.

Anaheim, CA

Thank you for participating in our ‘Women in the Community’ colloquy. Your talk was stimulating and o great value to the students; many reported that it gave them new awareness of opportunities open to women today. The feedback I got from your lecture is tremendous. Your interest in this program is much appreciated. Thank you for coming.

Natalie Foulkes, Instructor
Diablo Valley College
Pleasant Hill, CA

I look forward to serving as Chairman of the G.A.R.B. retreat at Richardson Springs. I count it a privilege to work with…you. In the past your ministry was such a challenge and blessing to so many of us.

Lorene Pruitt
Cottonwood, CA

…how much we appreciated your being with us… not only was your talk to our women helpful and outstanding, but we were grateful to talk with you in a small group. What a beautiful person you are! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. We had about 300 women on the 17th… We’re…getting some very good feedback about your talk.

Napa, CA

I want to thank you for being with us for the seminar. I can assure you that it was very profitable and enjoyable.

Merle Aaker, Pastor
Pleasanton, CA

…wonderful book. …it was such a delight talking with you on the phone. The warmth that filled the pages of your book was present in the conversation.

R. William Nelson, Pastor
Pixley, CA

Thanks for coming to the Peoples Church. We were delighted with the service. It was refreshing to see a husband and wife share as you did. Vance and Elisa did a great job in the youth department.

Austin D. Morgan
Minister of Administration
Fresno, CA

Dear Margaret, I can’t start to express how I felt the day you had the program on how to have a happy marriage…My Dear Margaret, you just could never know how your talk and your husband’s has already helped me. I am so at ease because I listen to you. So I want to get your audio talk on this program and use it at our Marriage Encounter meetings…You can reach people because you are one of us going through life in the same shoes.

Love and Peace
Mrs. Raymond Smith
Kelso, MO

I rejoice that we were privileged to share in your message…at…Redding [CA]. It was truly a blessing. I am writing to verify your being with us in Kingston, New York…October 10…

Camp Pendleton, CA

Hooray! I have finally found a book that I didn’t throw into the round file  [Forever My Love]…I was ready to give up…I have married into a family of men who are arrogant, proud braggarts…and the women agree with everything they say and wait on them hand and foot… At church I am sitting and listening [about the inferiority of women to men] and getting so angry I have contemplated quitting church.

I have often threatened to write a book, but I won’t have to as you have said everything…and more eloquently.  I have always said that it was the woman’s nature to surrender (but to what?) and that it was up the man to make a happy home…and which way the home would go.  My  husband has said the same thing that it was the men who needed training in how to have a happy marriage.  He thanks me for my stand and I have seen the man do a complete turnabout.

My husband is sending your book to his brother…to save his marriage.

Phoenix, Arizona

Here’s a letter that was passed on to us:

Dear Jim, You cannot imagine the sadness I felt when I heard of your impending marital difficulties. I, too, had a a lot of trouble when we first married because my priorities were not in order. When I analyzed my problem and reversed my priorities [putting God first, my wife second, my children third, my job fourth and my own desires last] my whole life changed for the better and I no longer had the problems I was plagued with.

I am enclosing a book [Forever My Love by Margaret Hardisty] that has helped me to understand my wife and I hope you will take the short time it took me to read it. I am sure that it will help you, too.

Your loving brother,
Phoenix, Arizona

… Their [Hardisty family] ministry had a wide appeal, not only to our church but to the larger community in Seattle. I would highly recommend the Hardistys, especially for couples… Their ability to communicate the importance of the strong family relationship is invaluable in this day when American family life is degenerating.

Ralph M. Shellrude, Pastor
Seattle, Washington

By way of grapevine, I hear you will be in Seattle sometime in March…When, where and to whom will you be giving of your wonderful blessings? How I wish you were [here] now… How do we go about getting your books? Everyone just loves them.

Seattle, Washington

Here are excerpts from a letter a widowed woman wrote to me:

We were married 46 years. My memories are so beautiful… He is still my one and only sweetheart. Always tender, always considerate, always handled me with care as though I was a delicate flower that a breath would take away. When he came in from work he rolled up his sleeves and helped me in whatever task needed…

Redding, CA

Margaret Hardisty does a very wise thing in addressing her book(s) to men. By doing so she speaks to the one who carries the majority of the responsibility for what a marriage will become…I appreciate the way Margaret starts out by clearing up some age-old stereotypes.

I enjoyed the book very much. The things I’ve learned have already come in handy in my relationship with [my wife].

Los Angeles, CA

Margaret Hardisty’s book should be re-titled “Hand Book for Rookies in Love.” Her insights are really down to earth. I have been reading a lot of “How to” books… but none have the impact of hers. Her style is simple and logical. Her thoughts on communication…made a lasting impression. This book makes a good map, one that I’ll review from time to time to see if I’m headed in the right direction…

San Luis Obispo, CA

I think every man married and contemplating marriage should read this book.

New Orleans, LA

I feel Keep Love Exciting & Lasting is an outstanding book on how a man needs to supply the emotional needs of his wife. It showed me that women don’t always see things the way men do.


Grants Pass, OR

This to me was a very excellent book that I enjoyed reading very much. It was written by a woman for men to really understand their wives in almost every way… The main thing I secured from this book is that this woman I am about to marry is to be the number one person in my life and I should love her with all my heart…


Millbrae, CA




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